The Home Brewers Guide to Vintage Beer
I bought this book at the 2014 National Homebrew Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The full color book spiral bound book provides vintage beer homebrew recipes for 5 gallon batches. Each recipe represents a different style of beer that was popular that year.
I LOVE this book. It's awesomely designed, the interior is in color and filled with great photos and drawings. It's very up-to-date, recently published and just fun to read and look at. It has a great listing of craft beers in all categories as well as some history and background information on craft beers styles. It's a great book for any craft beer enthusiast. Purchased at my local book shop The Book Cellar where you can buy/drink beer while you read your favorite book... How's that for the modern day coffee/bar bookshop?

The Homebrewer's Journal
I also found this handy little paperback at The Book Cellar. It is perfect for any homebrewer who wants to log and track all of their homebrews, inventory, tasting notes, calculations, data, etc. It's pre lined like a mad-lib, you just fill out your own information, which is great for new brewers too, because it provides ques, that you may have not noted otherwise.

BEER Craft
I love this book! It was the first book I ordered on Amazon and because I'm a design nerd, I need pretty pictures... and this book has them. It's easy to read, follow, and so pretty! A great handy source when I'm in the kitchen and need to look something up quickly.

I just got this book in the mail a few days ago. It was recommended to me by a friend in my home-brewing club, CHAOS. I'm looking forward to exploring it further.

If you love Belgian Ales and really want to dive into the history of why they're so darn tasty, this is a good place to start. Purchased at my local non-for profit bookstore. Open Books

Another fun brewing book with history, pictures, and recipes. Purchased at my local non-for profit bookstore. Open Books

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