Atlanta - The Porter Beer Bar  DO NOT LEAVE THIS BAR WITHOUT ORDERING THE MUSSELS. That's literally an order. It might have been one of the best plate of mussels I have ever had. I even asked for extra bread to soak up the buttery broth (which I never do), it's so ridiculously good. This bar also has plenty of tasty ales to wash down their amazing eats. Their beers change with the seasons so check beermenus for updates. I had a rare Curieux (Jim Beam Barrel) by Allagash Brewing Company and a wicked tasty 10% Pinot barrel coffee mocha Imperial Stout by Moa Brewing Company when I was there, damn those were so tasty. 

 Baltimore - Max's Taphouse 
It is very easy to spend the entire day here... Yes, I said "entire day." My friend and I were just going for a few tasters after lunch, and boom several hours later, we're still sitting on the bar stool at 4 in the afternoon. With 140 on tap, 5 cask, and 1,200 bottle options... there is just a lot to consider. I'd recommend Sweet Baby Jesus by DuClaw. It's a-m-a-z-a-p-a-n-t-s! It tastes like a liquid chocolate peanut butter cup and you can not get it anywhere except the Baltimore area. I still dream about it sometimes.... Mmmmm. Cheers Max, for making my day! 

Chicago - Fountainhead

Chicago - Hopleaf

Chicago - Bangers & Lace

Chicago - Old Town Pour House

Chicago - Sheffields 

Chicago - Local Option

Chicago - Map Room 


Denver - Falling Rock
This is a must stop when in Denver. Taps lines wrap around the interior of the bar, almost hugging it with loving frothy arms. The worst thing about this place is figuring out what you're going to order next, when they have 75 beers on tap. But don't worry if you're still thirsty after leaving Falling Rock there are at least 6-10 breweries within walking distance. Go Denver!

Kansas City - The Foundry 
Granted they have a lot of crafty options to drink here, but this was the first and only Top100 craft beer bars that I've ever been to which also sells macro, and big blue fishbowls with neon bendy straws. It feels more like a club then a pub. I expected better from a leading craft beer destination. Don't lower standards and try please everyone. There's something to be said for having taste and sticking to your taste-buds. Educate consumers when they ask for the lightest beer possible, rather than popping open a macro. I would return, but next time it will be on a weekday, I'll leave the weekends to the macro, fishbowl consumers.

Portland, OR - Baileys Tap Room
Co-creator of the digital beer board called, Digital Pour. This might be the coolest bit of technology to ever grace a taproom. Among the usual, like beer style, brewery and description, it also lists the remaining ounces/pours left in a keg, the appropriate glassware, and sizes/pours offered. The beer list was impressive too. My favorite taster there was Red Sea Imperial Red With Chocolate by Caldera Brewing Company. Which everyone could read off their digital social media board as I posted what I was drinking there. 

Portland, OR - Saraveza
Midwest roots run deep in this shop, and not just because of the New Glaurus bottles decorating the top of the bar, the shop owner herself, Sarah, is from Wisconsin. Everything about this bottle/beer shop was super chill and ready to go for some day drinking with a friendly bartender. We had a flight of Oregon beers that were on tap and some of my favorites were...  Marionberry Wildfire by Block 15 Brewing Company and Lime Habanero by Hi-Wheel Wine & Mead Co.  
Portland, OR - Belmont Station
Two for one! A fantastic bottle shop and excellent craft beer bar. In the bottle shop, Jesse was the most helpful guy ever. He walked me through each Oregon brewery, bottle-by-bottle, explaining which were the most popular, awarded, rare, and best with full descriptions... I also drank a delicious Commons Porter while I shopped. Yum.

San Francisco - Toranado

San Francisco - La Trappe 

Washington DC - Church Key
Impressive craft beer selection, 50 draft, 50 bottle, 5 cask, organized by flavor profiles. Craft-beer geeky staff, who are so friendly and awesome, that after a short conversation, next thing you know, you're following each other on twitter. They'll even charge your iPh while you're waiting for your mouth-watering Fig & Prosciutto flat bread and Allagash Odyssey, yum! I also need to mention that I geek out a lil bit and form a secret design crush, when a business pays special attention to their typography and branding, like, like a lot.

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