This place is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 
Rwanda, Africa  |  April 2007  PRIMUS

Morning, noon and night, what’s on the menu... ? Bananas. Sliced, diced, cooked, peeled, steamed, baked and raw, there are apparently countless ways to eat and serve them. Thankfully there is something yummy to wash them down with. Primus. It’s pretty much the only beer option, it's local and always served in a forty, what could be better? Well maybe something else to eat for 10 days besides bananas. Think I’m exaggerating the banana angle? Check out this New York Times article about bananas in Rwanda... And I’ve tried their banana wine and banana beer, but they were the splits! Banana liqueur on the other hand was quite tasty, but still not as good as a beer. So raise a glass and toast to a good local Rwandan tasty lager that is not made with bananas, thankfully!

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