Friday, September 5, 2014

Home is where the hops are!

The Chicago Tribune, "RedEye" did a feature story on my homebrew club, CHAOS
(Chicago Homebrewers Alchemist of Suds). If you're in the Chicago area pick up
a free copy today, if not you can read all about it online here. Cheers!

Nancy Brew investgates:
- Are you a homebrewer? If so, what are you brewing this Fall?
- Just a connoisseur... What's your favorite go to Fall ale?


  1. I just threw a pumpkin Dubbel into my 1 gallon fermenter on Saturday night. Care to lengthen your brew day unnecessarily? Add peeling, dicing, and roasting the pumpkin. Sheesh!

    1. Yeah, I usually use canned organic pumpkin purée, but I've been known to make my brew day way more complicated then it needs to be, see my Pumpin Nuts! post (
      I just brewed my Hot Squash this weekend and this year, I put the purée into the mash tun. I'm pretty excited to drink this one, this Fall.

  2. I'm a homebrewer in SoCal, so it's been nothing but saisons for me these past few months. Once the weather cools a bit, I'm thinking of rebrewing a Chocolate Chipotle Milk Stout and adding a bit of serrano pepper tincture at bottling time for a bit more heat. The chipotle gave a nice smoke in the boil, but I lost the heat during fermentation.

    I'm glad to find another blog written by women who brew, and look forward to going back through your posts.

    1. Great to hear from a fellow female brewer too, Cheers! I'm a big fan of Saisons too and crazy weird beers with interesting ingredients. I just brewed a Baltic Porter ghost pepper beer a week ago. I added 1 ghost pepper to the end of the boil, I figure if I lose some of the heat/spice I can always add more back in during the secondary.

      Looking forward to hear more about your brews. I'll be posting a a big Summer re-cap soon!