Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You're such a Beer hoarder!

OK, yeah... I'm a bit behind on my blog... it's Summer, I'm training for the Chicago marathon, I'm studying for the BJCP (took the exam last month... *fingers crossed*). I'm cycling to and fro, here and there, even literally flying off the handle sometimes... no worries, "It's just a flesh wound!" But I'm still brewing (almost) weekly... and yeah in my spare hours, I'll squeeze in a lil Pitchfork, or other music concerts at Lincoln Hall or Shubas, and oh yeah I'm social and I go out with friends to Farmhouse for a tasty craft beer and a friendly face, or eat some delish sushi at a BYOB joint like Nori, and that silly lil full time job also gets in the way.... So finding an extra few hours in the day to write up a new brew log, while also being distracted by the shinny object (aka the Summer sun)... well it's been on the back (banjo) burner. So sorry dear friends if you've felt neglected. I've thought of you and isn't it the thought that counts? And no worries... I haven't stopped brewing, quite the opposite. I've been so busy brewing and living, so much so that I haven't had time to write it all up. Which means many more Nancy Brew adventures to come. I'm going to make a better effort to be on top of it. And here is a hint at what's been happening... my beer mosaic (see pic). As you can see there are plenty more rounds to go around in the near future... Now is the time to go outside, go to a beer garden, have a BBQ, sit on a porch and drink a tasty craft beer with a friend... It's Summer after all, enjoy it! Cheers!

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