Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top11 Tuesday... My Top11 picks for 11 days of Chicago Craft Beer Week

Chicago Craft Beer Week (which is really 11 days long, cause we're Chicago and we can't fit all of our beer drinking events into 7 days) is one of my favorite weeks in Chicago. I've been attending the events religiously since it started 5 years ago, and I can say without a doubt, it's not to be missed. Usually I try to enforce the Top5 with lists, because any more than that can get overwhelming, but since there are 11 days of events I thought I'd highlight my 11 favorite picks, one for each day. I hope your livers are ready people... here we go!

Thursday May 15 - BUG

Beer Under the Glass, also known as BUG, is one of the hottest tickets during CCBW, it sells out almost immediately every year. This is the kickoff event to Craft Beer week with a bang! A collection of the best restaurants and breweries will be there celebrating the Chicago foodie and craft lover in all of us. Read more about it here.

Friday May 16 - Cheers to local Beers

Here's your chance to drink everything Chicago! 19 local craft breweries are taking over the taps... Go after work grab some suds and go nuts! Monk's Pub also serves up free tasty peanuts with every pint... shells are discarded on the floor, but please don't spill your beer! Read more about it here... 

Saturday May 17 - CHAOS Brew Club Open Haus

OK, a bit of favoritism here... CHAOS Brew Club, is my home brew club. I love it, we have a communal space where we pay monthly dues and have a space to brew together. There are always fun social and educational events monthly and just a great extension of the craft beer community, they are wonderful peeps. You should come check us out at our Open Haus. Here are the dets...

Sunday May 18 - Goose Island Sunday Funday!

What's more Chicago than Goose Island? Come out and celebrate 26 years of craft in Chicago at their barrel warehouse! There will be rare beers on taps and tasty food trucks. Check it out!

Monday May 19 - Creative Minds on Tap

Design and Beer? Yes, please! Excited for this panel discussion that Kim from Hail to the Ale put together at Jerry's in Wicker Park. Come check it out.

Tuesday May 20 - Pints & The Past: A Craft Beer Trolley Tour

Two things that Chicago is full of.. history and taps! Did you know Illinois has more bars than grocery stores?! It's true! Climb aboard this trolley packed with historical beer stories by Liz from Tales, Taverns, and Towns. This event features 7 bars/stops and 7 breweries, so it's a great event to get a little taste of everything. Get your tickets here! #DrinkandTweet

Wednesday May 21 - Wine & Beer Blending Class

As a person who loves both wine and beer, this event gets me excited! Join Ale Syndicate at City Winery and learn how to combine two of the most tasty fermented beverages out there, wine and beer! Check out the details here. #DrinkandTweet

Thursday May 22 - Women of Craft Beer

This event celebrates the women of craft beer in Chicago. For the past couple of years, Hail to the Ale has organized a group brew day held at a local brewery and this year it was held at Temperance Beer Company in Evanston. I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees this year, and I got to be in the brew house while they made a 40BBL batch of an IPA with Hull Mellon hops... YUM! Come out to Riverview Tavern for the tapping of this special tasty brew.

Friday May 23 - It Comes in Waves

One of my favorite local pubs, Fountainhead, will be serving up beers in 4 waves... Check out their complete listing here.  

Saturday May 24 - Brew La La

This is your chance to taste some true Chicago roots! In addition to local Chicago Breweries, there will be breweries in planning, and even some home brew clubs offering tasty samples of their beers. Get your tickets here!

Sunday May 25 - Little Goat rooftop Revolution

What better way to end a great Chicago week, then on a rooftop? Take in the view of our beautiful skyline, munch on tasty foods, soak in the sun, and sip on cool beverages... Yes, please! Check it out here.

If there is something I missed or did I not catch your fancy? Check out the CCBW entire event listing on Chicago Craft Beer Week's site. And while you're tweeting, Facebooking, and Untapping... don't forget to #DrinkandTweet #CCBW!

Cheers Chicago!


  1. Great rundown. I wish I'd been there. Next year!

    1. Thanks Joe! Next year will be even bigger and better I'm sure.