Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brewing up a Storm

I've slightly neglected the blog only due to my busy brewing and work schedule the past couple of weeks, but fear not... More beer adventures are coming your way!

Most of my previous entries had followed a step-by-step process, because I really wanted to break down the steps to brewing and clearly illustrate the complete process. Now that you're in the know to some of the basic principles, the fun begins! Moving forward I want to shift gears and primarily focus on lessons learned, trouble shooting, new techniques, and beer history, reference and education.

Brewing beer, regardless of the style or flavor you are trying to achieve really does follow the simple steps that I outlined in "3AM: Brew Day - Wednesday May 29" entry. Varying factors do come in, pending the specific style or flavor profile, which I want to share with you based on my experiences of lessons learned... And too bad there is no taste and/or smell-o-vision online yet! Cause damn! These beers are coming out so tasty!

So far to date, I've brewed seven batches of beer and one hard cider... I've got some serious brews under my belt for a beginner... no literally, they are under my belt, which reminds me... I need to hit the outdoors and get back on my running routine. I'll be back with more beers and two new recipes I designed on my BeerSmith software, one of which I just entered in a home-brew competition. Exciting stuff, popping open over here. Cheers!

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