Monday, August 19, 2013

Taster Tuesday - Tuesday June 25

I was told that you should wait two weeks before drinking your home brew. I lasted 11 days before I popped open the first bottle.

I couldn't believe my eyes, hears, and tastebuds! It looked like beer, sounded like beer, and even tasted like a yummy beer! It had the right profile of a Belgian IPA, strong flavor and high alcohol content with an ABV of 6%. The complex flavors of piney, herbal and citrus came through in the aroma, taste and finish. It was spot on with the exception of a little too much carbonation. My friend Jesse, from Ale Syndicate, pointed out that the extra bubbles were probably caused by adding a bit too much priming sugar on bottling day.

I was in pure amazement. I had created this tasty alcoholic beverage and the beer bug soon took over... I began plotting my next beers, cultivating my laundry list of recipes and flavor profiles.

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