Monday, August 26, 2013

Raspberry Saison - Bottling Day - July 14

I was super excited to see the color of the beer color shifted from a golden amber to a raspberry red, yay!

Before bottling day remember to prep your bottles the day before, so that your bottles will be clean and ready to get filled with your beer right away.


Prep Bottles
- Submerge each bottle in a StarSan solution. (Do not rinse clean, StarSan is safe for beer, more safe than water.)
- If you have access to a dishwasher, load it up and let drip dry or hit the sanitize cycle.


Bottling Day Steps
- Measure and record your beer for the ABV with the Hydrometer. This is the final calculation in determining the percentage of alcohol in your beer.
- Add the room temperature priming sugar to the bottling bucket with spigot.
- Rack your beer from the second fermentation bucket into the bottling bucket.
- Hookup your tube from your spigot to your bottling filler so you can fill your bottles with beer.
- Cap the bottles and store in dark place around 64-72 Fahrenheit.
- Wait 2 weeks for bottles to become fully carbonated and tasty.

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