Thursday, August 22, 2013

Raspberry Saison - 2nd Fermentation - Sunday June 30

Second Fermentation - Sunday June 30

For the Raspberry Saison, I added the puree to the secondary fermentation after racking, moving beer from one bucket to another. This batch was much easier to handle because I knew what to expect (good to see the yeast poop ring!), but there are a couple of things to note. Since you're introducing a new element into your brew, you need to do some prep work to minimize any contaminates.

Sanitize with StarSan
- The can opener
- The cans of fruit

This might sound like overkill and your right. You want to kill any possible bacteria that might ruin the flavors of your beer. By taking this extra step you're less likely to allow any possible contaminates that might be on the can or the opener that could possibly leak into your fruit or your brew and either kill your yeast or create another form of unwanted funk.

Add the fruit to the Second Fermentator
- I opened the sanitized cans and I poured their contents into the clean sanitized bucket.
- Then I racked the beer from the primary bucket into the secondary.
- Closed the lid and wait another 2 weeks. I read online that Dry Hopping is usually only one extra week but fruits are usually two weeks in the secondary.  

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